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The Cost of Basement Waterproofing

crew installing basement sump pump

Ensuring your basement’s safety and dryness is crucial, but everything comes with a price. One of the top questions we hear from homeowners is, “How much will it cost to waterproof my basement?”

The simple answer is that there is no straightforward answer—not for your specific home. Basement waterproofing is not created equal; many variables affect the cost, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Groundworks understands that every home is unique and faces its own set of challenges. Learn the factors affecting basement waterproofing costs and how our team addresses the process.

7 Factors Affecting Basement Waterproofing Costs

To better understand how basement waterproofing costs are calculated, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

1. Basement Size

placing interior drains in a basement floor trench

The interior drainage system installed to relieve water pressure and transport groundwater to a sump pump is priced by linear foot. To generate an accurate cost estimate, waterproofing specialists measure the basement perimeter and multiply the linear footage by a fixed price per foot of drain line.

2. Basement Finish

In a finished basement, materials that have been damaged by moisture may require removal or replacement, potentially adding to your waterproofing costs. Additionally, waterproofing crews require access to the corner area where the concrete basement wall meets the slab floor. If finished walls are obstructing this access, they may require partial or complete removal.

3. Sump Pump Quality and Features

basement sump pump with a backup battery

While installing a bargain-priced sump pump may seem cost-effective initially, the savings are quickly negated if the low-quality pump fails. Many homeowners invest in advanced sump pump models with varying pumping capacities, including a battery-powered backup pump for power outages.

4. Customized Solutions

Groundworks installs solutions tailored to your home’s needs, including drainage, sump pumps, wall repair methods like wall anchors, foundation repairs, and concrete lifting. For example, just because one solution worked for your neighbors doesn’t mean that’s what your home requires.

5. Dehumidifier Installation

dehumidifier with a Groundworks logo

Even a “dry” basement can have excess humidity, primarily due to the moisture absorbed by the foundation from the soil and released into the basement. To discourage mold growth, the cost of a dehumidifier may be included in your overall waterproofing cost.

6. Permits and Labor

Various permits may be required for different repairs and improvements depending on the type and location of work on your property. Groundworks includes this in your overall project cost, and we handle obtaining the necessary permits from local municipalities. Additionally, our highly trained, experienced, and professional installation crews ensure your project is completed the right way the first time.

7. Interior vs. Exterior Installations

crew using a jackhammer to bust up basement concrete before installing interior drains

Groundworks’ interior basement waterproofing solutions require minimal excavation, including jackhammering the floor’s perimeter for interior drainage and digging into the floor to properly install a sump pump. However, this is more cost-effective than traditional exterior drainage systems that require significant digging, landscaping disruption, and removing features like decks and steps.

Why DIY Basement Waterproofing is Not the Answer

We understand the importance of being a smart consumer and getting the most bang for your buck. That’s why we advise against investing in temporary repairs and DIY efforts like “waterproof” paints and sealants, footing drains, and conventional dehumidifiers and sump pumps.

While these products are readily available at big-box stores, they are temporary bandages that delay the inevitable. These solutions will not last and require continued purchase and installation, increasing overall costs and disrupting your daily routine.

Basement waterproofing is a significant undertaking and can be dangerous to tackle on your own. We care about your safety and urge you to leave the heavy lifting to us. Our experienced installation teams have the professional tools, training, and lasting solutions to get the job done right.


Absolutely not. Basement water damage impacts your home and family’s safety. It only worsens with time, presenting further dangers and expensive solutions when you do decide to repair the problem. The easiest way to protect your home and prevent further damage is with prompt inspection and repair. As soon as you notice something wrong, contact Groundworks for a free inspection and receive a no-obligation repair estimate.

While many companies and online resources provide wide ranges and average costs, this is actually misleading. For example, some say basement waterproofing could cost as little as $X for basic repair or upwards of $X for serious damage. That’s not helpful to you as a homeowner and consumer. At Groundworks, we’re not going to throw out a ballpark estimate, especially without seeing the problem firsthand. The best, most accurate way to find out the cost is with a free inspection from one of our experts.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for water damage resulting from events such as burst pipes, sink or bathtub overflows, and leaks from water heaters, dishwashers, or washing machines. However, these policies typically do not cover basement or foundation damage caused by heavy rainfall, storms, mudslides, sinkholes, or underground water seepage. In such cases, separate flood insurance coverage becomes necessary to safeguard against these types of water-related incidents.

Contact Groundworks for Reliable Waterproofing Solutions

Groundworks inspector meeting with homeowners

Don’t stress about the cost of basement waterproofing. At Groundworks, we take pride in our transparent pricing and dedicated customer service team, whose singular mission ensures your complete satisfaction. We believe every homeowner in Northern and Southern Alberta deserves access to the industry’s best basement waterproofing solutions. To alleviate financial strain, we offer flexible financing options. Schedule a free inspection today and let our professionals guide you through the process.

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