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Basement Vapor Barrier

Wet basement walls? Our WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier protects your basement in Canada against groundwater seepage.

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In addition to controlling groundwater seepage, you must also address the problem of wet basement walls.

Wall leakage, condensation, or water vapor moving through walls create a humid basement that’s unhealthy, smelly, and unsightly. That leads to mold and mildew, damage to stored items and furnishings, and ultimately, an unusable and unliveable space.

Wall coatings and sealants won’t solve this problem. They can peel and flake off and promote mold growth.

The proper way to fix wet basement walls is with a permanently attached, mechanically fastened, inorganic vapor barrier. The WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier is the solution.

What is a Basement Wall Vapor Barrier?

The WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier is a durable, heavy-duty polyethylene membrane similar to a pool liner. Reinforced with polyester, it offers incredible strength and tear resistance.

The vapor barrier stops water vapor from entering your basement and drains wall leakage into the interior drainage system.

Since the WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier is inorganic, it won’t rot or cause mold and mildew growth. You can also clean it easily. The vapor barrier’s washable surface will help brighten your basement area.

When used with other basement waterproofing solutions, including sump pumps and dehumidifiers, our vapor barrier protects your home from excess moisture and can enhance its liveability and value.

When Do You Need a Basement Wall Vapor Barrier?

Not sure if you need a vapor barrier in your basement? These warning signs indicate that it’s time to get one!

  • A musty smell
  • Mold
  • Efflorescence (a white, chalky substance on walls and floors)
  • Wet walls

Ignoring these signs might lead to far more serious issues, such as foundation damage. That’s why we recommend contacting Groundworks, your local basement waterproofing specialist. We’ll inspect your property, identify the reason for your moisture problem, and take action!

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Why Is a Basement Wall Vapor Barrier So Important?

Even if you can’t see leaks or cracks in a basement wall, moisture can permeate through concrete and cause dampness, leading to all kinds of problems. Delaying action increases the chances of damage and can make repairs more complex and costly.

Call for a free inspection to ensure a dry and healthy environment in your home, and learn more about our holistic basement waterproofing solutions.

Benefits of Groundworks’ Vapor Barrier

Our vapor barrier offers several benefits, such as:

  • Long-Lasting Security: Made with heavy-duty polyethylene, which provides ongoing, reliable protection.
  • Better Living Conditions: Create a healthier living environment for everyone in your property by reducing humidity and preventing mold.
  • Eliminate Musty Smells: Our vapor barrier removes damp, unpleasant smells and can even improve air quality when used with a dehumidifier.
  • Safeguard Valuables: Excess moisture might damage any valuable items in your basement. Our vapor barrier protects your assets by maintaining a dry atmosphere all year round.
  • Increase Property Value: A dry, safe basement could boost your home’s market value!

How We Install Our Vapor Barrier

For total waterproofing protection, it’s essential to integrate a vapor barrier into your basement correctly. That’s where we come in! Our simple installation process is as follows:

  • Preparing and cleaning basement walls.
  • Mechanically fastening the vapor barrier sheets to the basement walls.
  • Installing an interior drainage system.
  • Positioning a sump pump at your basement’s lowest point.
  • Connecting the interior drainage system to the sump pump.
  • Installing a basement dehumidifier.

In case you were wondering, here’s a quick explanation of how our vapor barrier works in practice:

  • The barrier reroutes water penetrating your basement walls.
  • It guides that water to an interior drainage system.
  • The drainage system channels water to a sump pump.
  • The sump pump moves water away from your property.
  • A dehumidifier tackles any remaining moisture in your basement.

Why Choose Our Vapor Barrier?

The WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier stands out from off-the-shelf products in several ways:

  • Robust material for optimal moisture prevention.
  • Mold-resistant and waterproof properties.
  • Integrates with our full waterproofing system.
  • Comes with extensive warranty protection and optional annual maintenance plans.

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Don’t let a wet basement ruin your beautiful home. Our vapor barrier for basement walls is just what you need to keep your basement dry and healthy for years to come!

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Vapor Barrier FAQs

Basement wall vapor barriers are beneficial if your home has high humidity or moisture problems. A vapor barrier prevents water vapor from entering your basement and empties wall leakage into an interior drainage system, preventing mold growth and more serious issues like foundation damage.

Mold, musty smells, wet walls, and floor and wall cracks could indicate you need a basement wall vapor barrier. To know for sure, we recommend contacting our team. We’ll visit your property — at no cost — and suggest the best solution for your wet basement problem.

While it’s possible to install a vapor barrier in your basement on your own, we don’t recommend it. Vapor barrier installation involves many complicated steps, such as securing vapor barrier sheets to walls and installing an interior drainage system. If you make a mistake, you won’t be able to protect your basement. We suggest leaving things to the experts!