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Crawl Space Mold

Groundworks' solutions for crawl space mold address underlying moisture problems in your home, creating a safer living space.

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Close up of mold in a crawl space.
Mold on wood in a crawl space

Mold is a huge problem in many Southern Alberta homes — and wet, humid crawl spaces are often the culprit! When moisture enters this part of your house, mold and other fungi thrive, leading to allergic reactions and damage to your property’s foundation.

The best way to eradicate crawl space mold? Control the humidity and moisture that caused it! By changing the environment in your crawl space, you can stop mold from harming your family and property — and prevent it from coming back again.

Groundworks’ crawl space repair and moisture control solutions target the root cause of mold, ensuring a dry and healthy atmosphere in your home. Learn more below. 

What Is Crawl Space Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows in warm, damp, and humid conditions — such as wet crawl spaces! It appears as spots or patches in various colors, including black, brown, white, and green.

Unfortunately, mold doesn’t just live in your crawl space. Its spores can spread throughout your house, impacting air quality and causing health issues for family members with asthma or allergies.

Mold can also compromise the structural stability of your home, which is why it’s critical to control humidity and moisture in your crawl space now.

What Causes Crawl Space Mold?

The most common reasons for mold growth in your crawl space are:

A dirty crawl space.
  • Persistent moisture and water leakage.
  • High humidity levels — often above 55%.
  • Wood and other organic materials, which mold feeds on.

Other factors can lead to crawl space mold, including:

  • Unsealed/open vents
  • Heavy rain, flooding, and other environmental factors
  • Internal plumbing leaks 
  • High humidity
  • Water intrusion
  • Damp insulation materials

Whatever the cause of mold in your crawl space, it’s best to address this immediately. Not taking action can eventually lead to several problems in your home, making it really difficult to sell. 

Best Solutions for Crawl Space Mold

The good news is that you can successfully remove mold from your crawl space and stop it from returning. However, you’ll need to take the correct approach. Bleach and other products from the store are just temporary fixes and don’t solve the underlying moisture problem that caused mold in the first place!

For proper results, call in the professionals. At Groundworks, we can inspect your crawl space, identify what’s causing mold, and prevent future occurrences with the right moisture control solution. The result is a drier and safer crawl space for you and your family.

How We Eradicate Mold From Your Crawl Space

Our tried-and-tested mold remediation process involves these steps:

  • Removing mold from your crawl space
  • Inspecting your crawl space to identify the root cause of mold growth.
  • Sealing vents and updating access doors for better insulation.
  • Installing a crawl space drainage system.
  • Placing a sump pump at strategic points in your crawl space.
  • Applying drainage matting over the soil floor.
  • Installing insulation panels on walls.
  • Covering your crawl space with a vapor barrier.
  • Setting up a dehumidifier to maintain humidity levels.
  • Providing annual maintenance services.

Our proprietary crawl space repair products can protect against mold in your crawl space!

Why Address Crawl Space Mold Now?

Tackling mold growth sooner rather than later is a good idea for these reasons:

  • Improve Your Family’s Health: Eradicating mold enhances air quality, critical for family members with respiratory issues.
  • Increase Structural Safety: Mold removal prevents your home’s foundation from decaying.
  • Prevent Further Damage: Taking quick action stops mold from spreading and causing additional damage to your home. 
  • Boost Your Home’s Value: A mold-free crawl space can increase your property’s worth.

Contact Groundworks for the Ultimate Crawl Space Dehumidifier Solution

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We recognize the damage crawl space mold does to homes in Southern Alberta. That’s why we offer various crawl space repair solutions that can solve this problem for good. Don’t wait any longer — let us protect your family and property’s foundation!

Groundworks offers free inspections and estimates for any crawl space issue. Contact us today!


Mildew is an early stage of mold that poses unique health risks. Many homeowners in Canada can’t differentiate between these two types of fungi, so it’s a good idea for a professional like Groundworks to inspect your crawl space, determine the extent of mold growth, and find the right solution.

It can be risky to enter your crawl space if mold spores have contaminated this area, so we recommend leaving things to the experts. Our technicians have the proper safety gear to tackle any mold problem in your home.

Not cleaning your crawl space won’t cause mold to grow. Moisture, humidity, and other factors are why you have fungi in this part of your home! Groundworks provides engineered solutions that address these issues.