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Uneven Floors

Are the floors in your house sloping or uneven? You may need a permanent foundation repair to stabilize your home.

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Close up of uneven and a bouncy floor in the interior of a home.
Close up of an uneven wooden floor on the interior of a home.

Uneven floors often signal foundation issues. At Groundworks, we stabilize homes with shifting foundations and level floors, addressing underlying structural disturbances such as sinking foundations or crawl space problems.

Our skilled field technicians excel at diagnosing the causes of sloping floors. Our recommended remedies aim to fix the root issue, not just straighten the floors, prioritizing efficiency and durability.

Understanding Uneven Floors

Why do you have uneven, sloping floors? What you’re experiencing inside your home is a result of what’s happening beneath it. When the temperature and moisture content of the soil beneath your home change, your foundation shifts and settles. And that’s how you get uneven floors.

Other signs that your foundation has settled include windows that stick, doors that jam, cracks in the drywall or in your basement, and gaps between the skirting boards and floors.

Ignoring uneven floors mean your structural problems will only get worse, so contact Groundworks today for a free repair quote.

Root Causes of Uneven Floors

Some of the most common reasons that Alberta homeowners have uneven floors include:

Foundation Settling

Foundation settlement causing an exterior wall to experience bowing.

Foundation settlement is what happens when the soil beneath your home shifts and sinks lower under the weight of your home. Moisture and seasonal changes are often acting on the soil in slow, but deliberate, ways.

Some parts of your home may be heavier than others or supported by stronger load-bearing strata, so Usually, settlement often happens at uneven rates across the footprint of your home. And that’s how you get uneven floors.

Degradation of Floor Joists

Degraded floor joists in a crawl space.

If your home sits on a crawl space foundation, the floor joists inside the crawl space, the beams that support the floor, can start to rot. This happens most often when moisture from rain or humidity from the soil intrude into the crawl space without any means of getting out. The more water that gets into the house, the more likely it is that mold and wood rot will grow, eating away at the joists.

If you don’t address the problem soon, the joists will only continue to deteriorate and pose a serious danger to your home.

Crawl space encapsulation is the answer here. Encapsulation does exactly what it sounds like it does—it keeps moisture out of your crawl space.

Can Uneven Floors be Repaired?

Yes, once the root cause of uneven floors is determined, Groundworks can provide a comprehensive solution to address the issue and prevent it from recurring. We give you a wide range of techniques to repair your foundation and fix your uneven floors depending on your home’s foundation type and the extent of the damage.

How to Repair Uneven Floors

Groundworks performs repairs on diverse foundation types including crawl spaces, concrete slabs, and basements. With us, you get cutting-edge solutions that quickly stabilize the foundation and lift the floors to level.

Our solutions include:

A Groundworks worker working on a project in a crawl space.

With these tools, we can target the root issue concern and fix any damage caused, uneven floors especially.

Why Address Uneven Floors Promptly?

The best reasons we can give you to address uneven floors today are these:

  • To prevent further structural damage
  • To eliminate trip hazards for a safer home
  • To eliminate frustration and worry
  • And to restore your home’s value

At Groundworks, we have decades of experience quickly installing industry-leading, custom-engineered solutions that repair and prevent even the most difficult of foundation issues.

Choose Groundworks for Uneven Floor Solutions

Ground Works man is being welcomed at the door by happy homeowner

If you notice sloping or uneven floors in your house, it’s time for a call to Groundworks. We serve homeowners across Alberta with surefire solutions backed back extensive warranties, and our highest priority is always your satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a free inspection and estimate today, and eliminate the worry.

Uneven Floors FAQs

No, not always. Other factors can be pest damage, plumbing leaks, natural disasters, ground instability due to erosion, or poor construction.

The soil beneath your home is always in motion, but we can provide solutions that prevent damage to your home. Foundation piers are a great solution to do this because they reach all the way down to load-bearing strata where the soil is much more solid and immobile. But there other steps to avoid issues, such as sealing the crawl space, interior drainage systems, and regularly inspections for moisture or pests.

Fixing the root cause of foundation damage usually takes no more than two days for minor work. However, if the damage is severe, it might take a little longer.