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Protect your home's foundation with our AquaStop™ FreezeGuard™ attachment — a powerful basement waterproofing solution.

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Frozen sump pump discharge lines outside your home can lead to water re-entry and an increased risk of basement flooding. This in turn can trigger mold and mildew growth, musty odors, poor air quality, damage to stored items, and structural issues.

The AquaStop™ FreezeGuard™ attachment from Groundworks is designed to prevent this issue. It connects to your sump pump’s exterior discharge line and prevents water backflow and flooding. Read on to learn more about this effective basement waterproofing solution!

What Is AquaStop FreezeGuard™?

Our AquaStop FreezeGuard™ connects to the exterior discharge line of your sump pump system, offering an extra method for removing water from your basement. In case your exterior discharge line gets blocked or frozen, FreezeGuard™ activates, providing a secondary defense against water intrusion in your basement. This also helps to prevent your sump pump from overworking.

FreezeGuard™ is one of the basement waterproofing solutions offered by Groundworks, helping to maintain a dry and safe living environment.

When Do You Need the FreezeGuard™ Attachment?

It might be time to install FreezeGuard™ if you observe any of the following issues in your basement:

A dirty and moldy basement corner.
  • Flooding or water accumulation
  • Ice formation around your foundation or discharge area 
  • Audible strain or noise from your sump pump
  • History of frozen discharge lines 

Ignoring moisture-related problems in your basement can jeopardize your home’s foundation and your family’s health. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to contact Groundworks, the leading foundation repair and basement waterproofing company in North America.

Is an Anti-Freeze Sump Pump Discharge Line Attachment Necessary?

AquaStop FreezeGuard™ is an essential equipment for Southern Alberta homes susceptible to frozen discharge lines. It helps prevent basement flooding, which can lead to issues such as mold, water-damaged belongings, and structural harm. Investing in this anti-freeze discharge line attachment could potentially save you money on future repair costs.

AquaStop FreezeGuard™ Benefits

The benefits of FreezeGuard™ include:

  • Maintaining a Dry Basement: This attachment prevents water from re-entering your basement when discharge lines freeze, thus ensuring a dry property during winter.
  • Safeguarding Your Foundation: It stops water seepage and accumulation from affecting your home’s structural stability.
  • Providing Peace of Mind: With FreezeGuard™, concerns about basement flooding become a thing of the past!

Installation of an anti-freeze discharge line attachment involves several complex tasks. Therefore, it’s best to entrust this job to experts like Groundworks!

Basement Waterproofing Problem Signs

How We Install the AquaStop FreezeGuard™ Attachment

Our comprehensive approach to basement waterproofing includes the following steps:

  • Inspecting your basement 
  • Applying a vapor barrier to your basement walls 
  • Installing an interior drainage system
  • Positioning a sump pump at the lowest point of your basement 
  • Connecting the drainage system to the sump pump 
  • Running internal discharge pipes to the sump pump 
  • Leading pipes out through your basement wall 
  • Adding exterior sump pump discharge pipes 
  • Attaching FreezeGuard™ to exterior pipes 
  • Extending and burying discharge pipes in the ground 
  • Testing the sump pump and FreezeGuard™ attachment 
  • Installing an energy-efficient basement dehumidifier

Unlike some other companies, our installation process minimizes disruption to landscaping and underground utilities.

Why Groundworks is Your Best Choice for Basement Waterproofing

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering:

  • Superior build quality and customization options
  • A quick installation process
  • Warranty protection
  • An annual maintenance service plan

Want FreezeGuard™? Contact Groundworks Now

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Basement flooding is a serious issue. Prevent it using the AquaStop FreezeGuard™ from Groundworks! This attachment can be installed with other waterproofing solutions to make your basement more livable and useful.

If you have a water-related problem in your basement, we’re here to help. We offer a free inspection and estimate! Contact us today.

FreezeGuard™ FAQs

Our advanced attachment allows you to drain water from your basement if the exterior discharge line is blocked or frozen. This can prevent flooding during winter and protect your basement area.

A vapor barrier, an energy-efficient dehumidifier, and an interior drainage system, along with your sump pump and anti-freeze discharge line attachment, will keep your basement dry and safe for years. We can inspect your property and recommend waterproofing solutions that fit your budget and needs.

Installation time can vary depending on numerous factors, including the size of your basement. However, it’s possible that we could install our attachment in just one day. We will provide a more accurate time estimate during our complimentary home inspection.