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Expansive Soils

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Clay soils can expand when exposed to moisture, increasing the risk of foundation settlement, heaving, and cracks. That can compromise your family’s safety and lead to costly repairs. 

If you have expansive soil under and around your house, it’s vital to address this issue as soon as possible. A foundation repair expert like Groundworks can provide an engineered solution based on your needs, such as installing an interior drainage system and stabilizing your foundation walls. 

What Are Expansive Soils?

Expansive soils are common in Canada. They contain clay or silt minerals that absorb water and expand up to 15 times their dry volume, putting tremendous pressure on your home’s structural components. When that happens, your foundation can sink, heave upward, or crack. 

Another problem is that expansive soils contract and shrink when they dry out during warm weather. That can also wear away at your foundation, risking your family’s safety. 

Why Does Clay Soil Expand?

When clay soil absorbs water, its particles swell, causing the soil to expand considerably. Clay particles have a high surface area and negative charge, meaning they attract and hold water molecules more tightly than sand and other soils. 

Signs of Expansive Clay Soil

Not sure if you have expansive clay soil on your property? Look out for the problem signs associated with foundational damage:

Close up of an unfinished wall.

Should You Worry About Expansive Clay Soils?

It’s important to know whether you have expansive clay soil. This soil type is responsible for more property damage than any other natural hazard. 

Foundation repair experts like Groundworks can assess the soil on your property during a free inspection.

How to Prevent Damage from Expansive Clay Soils

At Groundworks, we use a range of industry-leading solutions to stop foundational damage from expansive soils, including: 

  • Soil Grading: Proper grading directs moisture away from your home, preventing water accumulation. 
  • Drainage Systems: An effective interior drainage system stops water from putting significant pressure on your foundation walls.  
  • Wall Stabilization: If expansive soils cause bowing walls, wall stabilization tools like wall anchors or the IntelliBrace ™ beam system can help. 

If you think your property might have expansive soil, seek help from a foundation repair expert immediately. Quick action can mitigate serious foundational issues and improve your home’s structural stability. 

Contact Groundworks for Foundation Repair 

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Assessing the soil on your property is often the first step to saving your foundation. We can assess your soil and provide a cost estimate for any repairs for free. 

Contact us now to book your no-cost, no-obligation inspection and quote.