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Concrete Lifting in Beaumont, AB

Like the rest of Alberta, Beaumont suffers from expansive soils, freeze-thaw cycles, and other geological challenges that could damage concrete over time. Groundworks’ concrete lifting solutions can stabilize your patio, porch, or other concrete structures and protect your property’s foundation. Serving Alberta homeowners, we offer fast repairs, exceptional workmanship, and industry-leading patented products like PolyRenewal™. 

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Beaumont Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting Solutions We Provide In Beaumont

What We Do

  • Inspect the concrete for damage
  • Determine the root cause
  • Suggest repair options

What We Use

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Lifting

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Award Winning and Highly Rated Repair Solutions

After drilling holes through concrete slabs, we inject this polyurethane foam into the underlying soil to fill cracks and stabilize the concrete. PolyRenewal™ can take just 15 minutes to cure and won’t cause damage to your soil. 

Replacing sinking concrete slabs is expensive and doesn’t tackle the underlying problem—usually expanding clay soils and water saturation. Lifting concrete is a cheaper option that provides longer-lasting protection.

Potentially. Cracked, uneven concrete slabs are an eyesore and trip hazard and could lead to structural damage in the future. Fixing this issue might increase your property’s worth and make it easier to sell.  

Groundworks can lift concrete in as little as a day. However, more extensive damage might take longer to fix. After inspecting your concrete, we’ll give you a time estimate. 

Water saturation, expansive soils, freeze-thaw cycles, and growing tree roots can cause concrete slabs to sink or settle. Our concrete lifting solution will identify the cause of your issue. 

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146 Provincial Ave #50
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0E1

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