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Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete isn't just an eyesore; it's a warning sign. Let Groundworks guide you towards a safer, more beautiful home.

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Cracked concrete on a summer day
Cracked concrete in backyard of home by pool

Every homeowner values their property’s curb appeal and safety, and your external concrete plays a big role.

Over time, unsightly cracks can develop, creating both an eyesore and a safety risk. Groundworks has the expertise and technology needed to repair cracked concrete and restore your peace of mind.

Our SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system isn’t just a repair method—it’s a commitment to homeowners looking for durable results.

Continue reading to learn more about cracked concrete and how our customized solutions help.

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What Is a Cracked Concrete?

Cracked concrete refers to the appearance of breaks or lines that disrupt the smooth surfaces around your home. These imperfections can range from hairline cracks to deep fractures that compromise structural integrity.

Commonly affected areas include:

Cracked concrete outside home

These issues pose tripping hazards, making it crucial to address them promptly to avoid further damage.

What Causes Concrete Cracking?

Several factors can cause your home’s concrete to crack, including:

  • Soil settling and erosion
  • Excessive rainfall, flooding, or snowmelt
  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Tree root invasion
  • Flawed concrete installation
  • Curing issues during setup
  • Normal wear and tear

Is There a Solution to Cracked Concrete?

Yes! Quick action is essential. While DIY fixes might seem tempting, they often only conceal the issues.

Traditional methods like mudjacking and slab replacement can be disruptive and fail to address the root problem.

Groundworks’ SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system offers a precise concrete lifting solution that’s minimally invasive with a cure time of just 15 minutes, allowing normal use the same day.

For foundational issues, our experts might suggest additional solutions like foundation piers to stabilize sinking foundations.

Since every home is unique, a professional inspection is recommended to determine the specific repairs needed. Schedule a free, no-obligation inspection today.

Groundworks’ Concrete Repair Process

When you choose Groundworks, here’s what to expect:

Groundworks tech working on pool deck on a summer day
  • Comprehensive inspection to identify causes and repair needs
  • Drilling small, discrete holes in the sunken concrete
  • Injection port placement
  • Mixing and injecting two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam
  • Monitoring the foam’s expansion and lifting the concrete
  • Allowing the foam to cure for 15 minutes
  • Removing injection ports and smoothing the surface
  • Sealing cracks and joints to prevent future damage
  • Maintaining concrete surfaces for lasting protection

Our repairs ensure both aesthetic restoration and increased safety for your loved ones.

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Why Address Cracked Concrete Now

Your home is an investment in your family’s future. Promptly addressing cracked concrete:

  • Preserves your home’s structural integrity
  • Ensures a safe environment free from tripping hazards
  • Maintains or enhances your property’s value

Issues tend to worsen over time. Trust Groundworks to provide effective and enduring solutions designed just for you.

Contact Groundworks for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions

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Don’t let cracked concrete diminish the charm and safety of your home. Let Groundworks bring our expertise right to your doorstep.

We offer thorough, free inspections, dependable solutions, and the assurance of a well-done job.

Experience the Groundworks difference.

Cracked Concrete FAQs

It might. It’s essential to have a professional evaluate the situation. Groundworks offers a no-commitment inspection to ensure you receive precise information.

While DIY repairs are tempting, they often fail to resolve underlying issues. We recommend our professional concrete lifting services for lasting results tailored to your home.

Our versatile SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system is effective on various surfaces, from outdoor patios to pool decks.  Whatever your challenge, we have the solution. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in most cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Groundworks does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make any and/or every square inch of your concrete perfectly level.

Proudly Serving Alberta

Alberta trusts Groundworks for reliable crawl space, basement waterproofing, concrete lifting and foundation repair services. Contact us for a free inspection!  

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We got 3 quotes for driveway lifting. These guys were competitively priced and had good reviews on google so we hired them. I’m glad we did! They were very friendly, professional, and efficient. They did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. When James and his partner came back to seal the joints, the service was just as good as the first team. Thanks again!


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They showed up, gave me quote on the spot, I approved it they showed up next day and got it all done in 4 hrs. Evan zack and trevor were great to deal with during the install and gave me a walk thru when it was all done letting me know all the details of the job. Would recommend 👌

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Vincent Augert was very thorough and upfront about the cost and warranty.
He was very easy to deal with and most importantly, we never felt pressure during the whole quoting process.

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Excellent service. Sales was pleasant and quote was thorough enough to proceed. The crew that came out to excavate, and install the interior and exterior basement systems was absolutely top notch – their work was neat and tidy, they showed up on time, and worked hard. To top it off, they (and all the folks involved) have to be the most pleasant contractors I’ve ever dealt with – and this is house #5 for us over the years! Thank you, Basement Authority. Highly recommend.

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Fixed patio grade and sealed cracks in patio. The crew did a great job, thank you Q, Jag, Jon. They were polite, kindly explained what they did. Vince was great to work with too, he came out to give me a quote. Work was done on schedule, on day promised. Thank you.

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Q, Jon and Rachel did an amazing job today, they raised our sidewalk that was sunken in the ground and now it looks so good! Good job team!

Mike Sanocki