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Cracked Pool Deck

Damaged concrete pool decks pose serious risks. Trust Groundworks for expert diagnosis and concrete lifting solutions.

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Crack in pool deck concrete being fixed
Cracked concrete in backyard of home by pool

Backyard pools provide a serene oasis for relaxation and quality time with loved ones. However, if the surrounding concrete is compromised, this retreat becomes fraught with dangers.

Cracked pool decks are not just an eyesore—they present substantial safety hazards. Groundworks understands the urgency in addressing these issues and we’re here to help Alberta homeowners.

With extensive concrete lifting and leveling  experience, our expertise lies in delivering lasting solutions to mitigate the risks of deteriorating pool decks, preserving your home’s integrity and ensuring a secure environment.

Learn why concrete pool decks crack and how Groundworks utilizes advanced methods like PolyRenewal™ foam injection to restore structural soundness.

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What Is a Cracked Pool Deck?

Cracks in a pool deck are fissures or gaps in the concrete slabs surrounding an in-ground pool. These fractures can range from minor, surface-level cracks to significant splits that compromise the pool deck’s structural integrity.

Beyond marring your pool area’s aesthetic appeal, these imperfections heighten the risk of injury. Cracks also allow water penetration, leading to further concrete deterioration, mold growth, destabilization, and an overall unsightly appearance.

Other red flags that may coincide with a cracked pool deck include:

Wet concrete outside home

These issues tend to escalate over time, resulting in greater hazards and more costly repairs down the road. It’s crucial to contact a local concrete repair specialist like Groundworks as soon as you notice any of these problems.

What Causes Pool Deck Cracking?

Various factors can contribute to cracked pool decks, including:

Concrete sideway cracking and lifting up
  • Soil Settlement: The ground beneath the pool deck may settle unevenly over time, leading to sinking and concrete cracking if soil was improperly compacted before installation.
  • Soil Erosion: Runoff carrying pool chemicals can erode underlying soil, creating voids that destabilize the pool deck.
  • Tree Roots: Aggressive root systems can displace soil under the pool deck, heaving sections of concrete upward.
  • Heavy Rain/Flooding: Oversaturated soil due to intense precipitation can compact or erode, disrupting the pool deck’s foundational support.
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles: Alberta’s seasonal temperature swings can cause pool decks to crack from repeated freezing and thawing.
  • Initial Installation Defects: Mistakes in the concrete pouring or curing process can lead to cracking and structural failures.

Often, a combination of these factors causes pool deck deterioration.

The same soil stability issues also impact home foundations, requiring prompt expert repairs to prevent escalating structural damage.

Can Cracked Pool Decks Be Repaired?

Absolutely! Repairing cracked pool decks is possible. However, the right solution extends beyond quick patching jobs or concrete overlays. DIY methods and conventional mudjacking are time-consuming, costly bandages that fail to resolve the underlying issue.

A comprehensive repair approach that accounts for your entire home is essential for lasting results. An all-encompassing strategy ensures the root causes are addressed, preventing future occurrences and upholding your property’s structural integrity.

At Groundworks, we employ specialized methods to stabilize and re-level settled, cracked portions of pool decks. Our exclusive PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam injection process gently lifts sunken concrete.

Groundworks’ Pool Deck Repair Process

Our expert team follows these comprehensive steps:

Groundworks tech working on pool deck on a summer day
  • Inspection: We thoroughly assess the pool deck during a free inspection, pinpointing underlying damage causes to establish optimal lifting locations and formulate a customized repair plan.
  • Drill Holes: Carefully drill small, penny-sized holes into affected sunken concrete areas.
  • Install Injection Ports: Place specialized ports into each hole to facilitate foam injection beneath the slab.
  • Prepare Foam Mixture: Precisely blend our proprietary high-density polyurethane foam components.
  • Inject Foam: Systematically inject the foam beneath concrete via designated ports.
  • Foam Expansion & Lifting: The foam rapidly expands underground within 30 minutes, filling voids as it solidifies and lifting the concrete back into position.
  • Remove Ports: Remove the injection ports and patch access holes.
  • Seal Cracks: Seal all cracks and joints to prevent future water infiltration.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Routine upkeep and annual maintenance checks maximizes the restored deck’s longevity.

Groundworks’ approach resolves visible damage while tackling underlying causes, ensuring lasting repairs. Our exclusive engineered solutions outperform conventional methods.

merge graphic for Polylevel and Basement Authority of Calgary

Why Repair Pool Deck Cracks and Damage?

Promptly addressing cracked, uneven pool decks is crucial for several reasons:

  • Prevent Further Deterioration: Ignoring concrete damage allows it to worsen over time. Even hairline cracks enable water penetration, causing rebar rusting and accelerated disintegration. Early repairs prevent escalating damage and added costs.
  • Ensure Safety: Cracked, uneven pool decks pose serious fall hazards and injury risks. Effective repairs eliminate these dangers.
  • Avoid Costly Full Replacements: Delaying repairs leads to more extensive damage often requiring full pool deck replacement—far costlier than addressing issues early.
  • Enhance Property Value: Deterioration diminishes your backyard oasis’s aesthetic appeal and resale value. Repairs restore structural integrity and visual charm.

Trust Groundworks’ specialized concrete lifting solutions in Alberta. Our precision-engineered, proprietary systems outperform generic industry methods.

Contact Groundworks for Reliable Concrete Pool Deck Lifting

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Don’t let a damaged pool deck endanger your loved ones or property’s value. Safeguard your backyard paradise with help from Groundworks. Our concrete lifting mastery delivers lasting solutions for cracked, settled pool decks across Northern Alberta. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and obtain a no-obligation repair quote.

For more than 30 years, Alberta homeowners have trusted Groundworks for superior pool deck repairs. Our exceptional service and innovative PolyRenewal™ system provide reliable protection you can count on.

Cracked Pool Deck FAQs

Yes, even minor concrete cracks can quickly escalate into major structural issues if not promptly repaired, resulting in costly, time-consuming fixes. Contact Groundworks to learn about our concrete lifting process and budget-friendly repair options.

The cost depends on factors such as the extent of the damage and area requiring repair. Your Groundworks inspector will provide you with a no-obligation estimate with detailed pricing, as well as financing options during a free inspection appointment.

No, Groundworks’ concrete lifting process allows your pool to remain filled during repairs. We take utmost care to avoid disrupting your pool or belongings. The minimally invasive process typically completes within hours, depending on damage severity.

Do you see any of these signs? Book an appointment now!

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in most cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Groundworks does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make any and/or every square inch of your concrete perfectly level.

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Alberta trusts Groundworks for reliable crawl space, basement waterproofing, concrete lifting and foundation repair services. Contact us for a free inspection!  

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