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Floor Cracks

Supporting and stabilizing your home’s slab foundation can repair cracks in the floor.

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Close up of a floor crack in a garage.
Close up of floor cracks.

Have you noticed a network of small to medium-sized cracks on your home’s concrete floor slab? This isn’t merely an aesthetic issue—it could indicate that your home’s foundation is compromised.

Hairline floor cracks may widen over time, jeopardizing the structural integrity of your house and allowing moisture to seep in. Though the damage may seem insignificant at first, it can quickly escalate and become more challenging to repair.

Groundworks provides reliable solutions for foundation and structural issues in your home. Our professional technicians are committed to ensuring your home’s structural safety, and we’re recognized for our reliable service.

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What Are Floor Cracks?

Floor cracks are exactly as they sound: a fissure, gap, or break in the flooring, including the concrete slabs that support the home. They typically occur due to foundation instability or inconsistent pressure.

You may also notice other complications resulting from floor cracks. If these are present in your home, contact Groundworks immediately for a professional evaluation:

Not every floor crack poses an immediate threat to your home’s structural integrity, but timely intervention can prevent these small cracks from worsening.

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Unearthing the Causes of Floor Cracks

Our expert foundation technicians thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation and the surrounding strata to accurately identify the cause of floor cracks. We may find one or more common reasons for this damage.

Material Contraction

Concrete, a widely used material for flooring and subflooring, shrinks during the curing process, which can lead to cracks. While this may not signify issues with the stability of the foundation and structure, these cracks can enable water damage by offering a pathway for water to enter the building.

Overload Issues

Placing heavy items such as sturdy furniture, a piano, a large bookshelf, or an appliance can apply uneven pressure on the floor. To prevent cracks, heavy items should be placed considering the floor’s load-bearing capacity.

Soil Movements

Changes in the soil conditions due to erosion, poor drainage, or the natural weather pattern around your home can cause the foundation to become unstable and result in floor cracks.

Soil Characteristics

Certain types of soil expand and contract significantly with moisture changes. If your home is built on highly elastic soil, the movement of the soil can shift the foundation and cause the floors to crack.

Foundation Uplift

Excessive water beneath the slab or floors can exert uneven and unstable upward pressure on the foundation, resulting in cracks. The water can also seep into your home, leading to issues like mold or mildew.

Identifying the cause of floor cracking is the crucial first step towards finding a solution. Trust the experts at Groundworks to devise a solution that addresses your home’s unique needs.

Can Floor Cracks Be Repaired?

Yes, experts can effectively repair the floor using modern techniques and high-quality materials with minimally invasive methods, eliminating the need for total floor replacement.

However, we advise against attempting to repair your floor cracks yourself. Many DIY solutions available at local hardware or big box stores only tackle the superficial issue—sealing the cracks—instead of addressing the root cause of the cracks to provide a lasting solution.

Groundworks’ Strategy for Tackling Floor Cracks

We are committed to excellence, from our approachable customer service to our thorough attention to detail and careful evaluation of your needs.

Our Groundworks approach includes:

Comprehensive Inspection

Close up of a foundation floor cracks repair in progress.

We assess each crack, taking measurements and considering the conditions that caused it to formulate the right solution for your home.

Load Redistribution Techniques

If we determine that the issues stem from soil movement, we typically install a series of foundation piers. These piers redistribute the load, helping restore the floor to its original level and stabilizing the house. This allows for crack repairs without concern for reoccurrence.

Water Mitigation Measures

Our water mitigation strategies extend beyond basic waterproofing. We implement robust measures to protect your home from moisture intrusion and related damage, fostering a healthier living environment.

The Importance of Timely Floor Crack Intervention

Don’t underestimate small floor cracks and delay fixing them. Swift action to identify the cause can prevent more serious problems such as:

  • Rapidly spreading cracks due to sustained pressure
  • Escalating moisture issues, which often lead to mold growth
  • The development of uneven floors over time
  • More severe structural concerns

Maintaining your home’s structural integrity not only preserves its value and stability but also creates a more comfortable environment for your family. Additionally, it helps you avoid the significant costs associated with repairing serious foundation issues. Choose Groundworks for tailored solutions for your home.

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Floor Cracks FAQs

As soon as you notice them. They might be nothing more than concrete curing and contracting, but they could also indicate a more serious issue. A professional inspection can make this distinction, or the problems could worsen over time.

Repair costs for floor cracks vary, as they depend on the underlying cause. If the cracks are due to cured, contracted concrete, your cost could be minimal. However, if the cracks suggest serious drainage issues, the costs will be considerably higher.

The repair time for floor cracks depends on the underlying issue. If there are no serious structural problems, we may complete the repair in a day. However, if there are other complications like an unstable foundation or water incursion, the repairs may take longer. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and budget.