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Foundation Repair in Chestermere, AB

The soil on which your home is built expands and contracts with seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. These conditions are common in Chestermere, and they can damage your home’s foundation, resulting in expensive repairs if left unaddressed. Groundworks’ foundation repair solutions prevent further damage to your property and identify the root cause of your structural issues. We provide homeowners across Alberta with world-class customer service, industry-leading patented products, and exceptional workmanship. Get in touch for a free inspection and estimate.

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Chestermere Foundation Repair

Types of Foundation Damage in Chestermere

Foundation Solutions We Provide In Chestermere

Stabilize Walls

What We Do

  • Observe soil conditions
  • Assess your home’s unique damage
  • Provide options for permanent repair

What We Use

Wall Anchors

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Wall Straps

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Fix Unlevel Floors

What We Do

  • Closely examine your crawl space
  • Determine the reason for joist failure
  • Devise a lasting repair and stabilization plan

What We Use

Floor Jacks

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Fortify Your Founation

What We Do

  • Perform a meticulous inspection
  • Pinpoint  the exact cause of settlement
  • Recommend customized stabilization solutions

What We Use

Push Piers

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Helical Piers

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More Information About Our Services in Chestermere

Award Winning and Highly Rated Repair Solutions

While interior waterproofing can effectively manage water intrusion and mitigate the effects of hydrostatic pressure, it typically works best when paired with exterior waterproofing strategies, such as proper gutter and downspout installations, for all-encompassing protection.

Pests in the crawl space can spread diseases, compromise the structural integrity of wood, gnaw through materials, and leave behind waste and odors, all of which can significantly impact your home’s structure and your family’s health. It’s important to adopt both extermination and preventive measures.

No, replacing the entire foundation is rarely necessary. Groundworks offers a range of retrofit solutions, such as wall braces and wall anchors, that can effectively restore and maintain the structural integrity of your existing foundation.

The type of soil surrounding your home is critical to the stability of your foundation during extreme weather events. For example, clay soils tend to swell when wet and shrink when dry, leading to substantial foundation movement and heightened risk of structural damage.

DIY solutions are not recommended for foundation cracks. Professional evaluation is essential to determine the underlying causes and appropriate solutions. Depending on the nature and severity of the cracks, various repair methods such as helical piers for stabilization or wall anchors and beams for significant issues may be necessary. Contact Groundworks for a professional assessment and tailored repair strategy.

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