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Foundation Repair in Lethbridge, AB

Foundation repair in Lethbridge, AB, is crucial due to the area’s unique geological challenges, such as expansive clay soils and freeze-thaw cycles. These conditions can place significant stress on foundations, leading to settlement, structural issues, wall cracks, and uneven floors. Prompt and effective repairs are essential to prevent further damage and ensure the long-term safety and stability of properties in the region. 

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Lethbridge Foundation Repair

Types of Foundation Damage in Lethbridge

Foundation Solutions We Provide In Lethbridge

Stabilize Walls

What We Do

  • Observe soil conditions
  • Assess your home’s unique damage
  • Provide options for permanent repair

What We Use

Wall Anchors

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Wall Straps

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Fix Unlevel Floors

What We Do

  • Closely examine your crawl space
  • Determine the reason for joist failure
  • Devise a lasting repair and stabilization plan

What We Use

Floor Jacks

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Fortify Your Foundation

What We Do

  • Perform a meticulous inspection
  • Pinpoint  the exact cause of settlement
  • Recommend customized stabilization solutions

What We Use

Push Piers

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Helical Piers

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More Information About Our Services in Lethbridge

Award Winning and Highly Rated Repair Solutions

The cost of repairing a leaky basement can vary significantly based on the basement’s size, the scope of the required work, and the specific solutions implemented. Groundworks provides a detailed estimate during your free inspection, offering tailored solutions to fit your needs.

The optimal crawl space insulation depends on factors like your home’s specific needs and the local climate. While fiberglass is widely used, it’s unsuitable for crawl spaces due to its propensity for mold growth and harboring pests. Rigid foam insulation is recommended for its high effectiveness preventing heat transfer while serving as a moisture barrier.

Foundation damage due to gradual issues like settling is often not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. We recommend reviewing your policy details with your insurance provider. Groundworks can provide necessary documentation to support any potential claims.

Within the first couple of years after construction, it’s normal for homes to experience minor settling which can lead to small, hairline cracks forming in basement walls. However, if the cracking persists or widens over time, this indicates more concerning foundation settlement or potential wall failure requiring professional evaluation.

Uneven driveway slabs can result from factors such as erosion, insufficient soil preparation, natural settling, and inadequate drainage. These issues can create voids under the concrete, leading to sinking. A professional inspection by Groundworks can identify the causes and recommend effective leveling solutions.

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