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Foundation Repair in Medicine Hat, AB

The way the unique weather and soil conditions in Medicine Hat, AB, interact with each other creates phenomena like hydrostatic pressure and foundation settlement. These issues then lead to foundation damage including wall cracks and uneven floors, which jeopardize safety and structural integrity. Prompt professional foundation repair is the best way to address these common problems and secure your structure for years to come.

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Medicine Hat Foundation Repair

Types of Foundation Damage in Medicine Hat

Foundation Solutions We Provide In Medicine Hat

Stabilize Walls with Targeted Solutions

What We Do

  • Observe soil conditions
  • Assess your home’s unique damage
  • Provide options for permanent repair

What We Use

Wall Anchors

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Wall Straps

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Create Solid Floors for Strong Homes

What We Do

  • Closely examine your crawl space
  • Determine the reason for joist failure
  • Devise a lasting repair and stabilization plan

What We Use

Floor Jacks

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Permanently Fortify Perimeter Foundations

What We Do

  • Perform a meticulous inspection
  • Pinpoint  the exact cause of settlement
  • Recommend customized stabilization solutions

What We Use

Push Piers

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Helical Piers

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More Information About Our Services in Medicine Hat

Award Winning and Highly Rated Repair Solutions

While common, basement water intrusion after heavy precipitation should not be viewed as a normal, unavoidable issue Alberta homeowners must tolerate. It’s best to properly intercept and remove rainwater with professional waterproofing and water management solutions like interior drainage and a sump pump.

Beyond professional repairs, you can take proactive steps like regrading your property, maintaining gutters and downspouts, using downspout extensions, and ensuring trees are planted a safe distance from your foundation to help prevent damage.

Historically, many crawl spaces were vented due to building codes that presumed venting would aid in air circulation and reduce moisture and mold buildup. However, recent findings by foundation experts have revealed that such vents often exacerbate these issues instead of preventing them.

Yes, professional driveway leveling, particularly with polyurethane foam, provides a durable solution. This method not only lifts the slabs to the correct level but also stabilizes the underlying soil to prevent future settling. Addressing any associated drainage issues enhances the longevity of the repairs.

The cost of foundation repair depends on the damage’s extent, the foundation’s size, and the required repair types. Groundworks offers free inspections and estimates, providing transparent pricing and financing options to help you plan your budget.

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