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Concrete Crack Repair

Groundworks' SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system can lift and level cracked concrete slabs, preserving your home's foundation.

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Cracked concrete on sidewalk of home next to grassy yard
Cracked concrete running along a walkway at a home

Cracked and sinking concrete steps are more than a cosmetic issue or tripping hazard. The real issue is the soil underneath your steps, which can settle, erode, or shrink over time and threaten your home’s structural stability.

We recommend our SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections, which compress soil and lift and level your steps. Learn more about this concrete lifting technique below.

What Is Concrete Crack Repair?

Groundworks tech repairing cracked concrete on driveway

Your concrete slabs might crack and sink when the soil underneath settles, erodes, or shrinks due to poor compaction, inadequate drainage, or over-drying. The right concrete crack repair solutions, like PolyRenewal™, address this damage and restore your slabs to their original condition.

PolyRenewal™ consists of a commercial-grade expanding polyurethane foam, which is more effective for concrete repair than filling cracks with caulk. It potentially lifts settled sections of concrete and seals and removes visible cracks. As a result, you can ensure the appearance and safety of your slabs for years to come.

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Signs Your Home Needs Concrete Crack Repair

Various concrete surfaces can develop cracks, including:

We recommend a concrete crack repair solution if you notice any of the following problem signs:

  • Visible and expanding crackswider than ¼”
  • Uneven or sinking concrete slabs
  • Tripping hazards
  • Cracked walls or damaged siding above sunken concrete
  • Crumbling edges
  • Pitting, flaking, and staining
  • Pooling water after rain
  • Weed growth between sections of concrete

Is Concrete Crack Repair Necessary?

Early repair of cracked concrete can avoid additional damage and expensive repairs. However, so-called DIY “solutions” only provide a temporary fix and won’t solve the soil problem that caused cracking and sinking in the first place.

PolyRenewal™, on the other hand, tackles the underlying cause of cracked concrete by stabilizing soil and stopping washout. 

Advantages of Concrete Crack Repair

Repairing cracked concrete provides the following benefits:

  • Improve Safety: Levelling uneven, sunken concrete and sealing up cracks prevents trips and falls.
  • Stop Further Deterioration: Injecting expanding foam under unstable concrete slabs stabilizes the ground, halting settlement and other damage.
  • Increase Property Aesthetics and Value: Cracked concrete detracts from your property’s appearance and worth. PolyRenewal™ makes your slabs look as good as new.
  • Extend Your Concrete’s Longevity: Slight cracks can soon turn into major repairs. Concrete lifting and stabilization solutions enhance the strength and integrity of your slabs, meaning you don’t need to replace them.

How Our Concrete Crack Repairs Work

Penny sized hole in concrete as Groundworks repairs lifting concrete

We’ll follow these steps when using PolyRenewal™:

  • Drilling penny-sized openings into the concrete
  • Inserting injection ports into each opening
  • Blending and preparing the two-component, closed-cell polyurethane foam
  • Injecting the foam underneath concrete slabs via ports
Groundworks tech repairing lifting concrete at home
  • Waiting for the foam to swell, which raises the concrete slabs
  • Allowing around 15 minutes for the foam to solidify
  • Removing the injection ports before closing and refining the drilled openings
  • Sealing up cracks
  • Planning regular maintenance for your concrete slabs

Why Our Concrete Crack Repair is the Best Choice for Your Edmonton Home

PolyRenewal™ stands out from similar products on the market for these reasons:

  • Rectifies and elevates settled concrete slabs with unrivalled precision
  • Tiny access channels remove the need for digging or heavy-duty machinery, preventing disruption on your property
  • Increases concrete strength without straining existing bases
  • Solidifies in just 15 minutes, providing near-immediate stability
  • Capable of withstanding various environmental conditions
  • Adapts to multiple concrete surfaces and uses
  • Made from safe, enduring materials
  • Blends flawlessly with surroundings

Contact Groundworks for Concrete Crack Repair

Ground Works man is being welcomed at the door by happy homeowner

Swift action against cracked concrete prevents trips, settlement, and expensive repairs. Our SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections can potentially lift and level concrete slabs, making it a sound investment for homeowners across Alberta.

Contact us today for a free inspection and no-obligation repair estimate. 

Concrete Crack Repair FAQs

We’ll drill a small hole through your concrete slabs into the soil underneath before injecting our high-density polyurethane foam. This fills cracks, compresses the soil, and potentially stabilizes and lifts your slabs. We then fill the holes with cement.

Cracks wider than ¼” require immediate attention, so contact the professionals at Groundworks for a free inspection of your concrete slabs. PolyRenewal™ can lift, stabilize, and seal cracked concrete, preventing further damage.

It depends on the extent of the concrete damage and the number of slabs. When we inspect your property, we’ll provide a free price estimate.

Do you see any of these signs? Book an appointment now!

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in most cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Groundworks does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make any and/or every square inch of your concrete perfectly level.

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Alberta trusts Groundworks for reliable crawl space, basement waterproofing, concrete lifting and foundation repair services. Contact us for a free inspection!  

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Vincent Augert was very thorough and upfront about the cost and warranty.
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Q, Jon and Rachel did an amazing job today, they raised our sidewalk that was sunken in the ground and now it looks so good! Good job team!

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